New Platforms and Sync

Since the initial release of Momento for iPhone in late December 2009 our focus has been on the development of a mobile application to help record our lives quickly and easily. This has been the first step in a much bigger vision.

Momento for iPhone introduced the concept of passive diary writing, a unique way of recording your day to day activities using the information and media which you have shared online. In addition, the mobile platform helped promote our concept of capturing private thoughts and memories ‘on the go’ as moments. This collection of moments, both private and public, created a rich timeline of your day-to-day life quickly and easily, all accessible from your pocket.

After the release of Momento 2 in November 2010, we shifted our focus to developing our business and expanding Momento. Throughout 2011 we’re working to bring Momento to new platforms – both mobile and desktop. Whilst we can’t provide specifics at present, we can say our aim is to make Momento as accessible as possible.

With the development of Momento on multiple platforms, this presents a new challenge for us; syncing. This is something we have been working on for a while, looking at various solutions for syncing your data over the air between multiple devices and platforms. There are many ‘sync’ solutions  out there but none provide complete control over the process, nor can we guarantee their sustainability or compatibility with our future developments. When it comes to handling your precious data we want to be absolutely certain the process is reliable and seamless. We don’t want to hack around and rely on existing services which aren’t designed for syncing data from apps like Momento. For this reason we’ve been working on a purpose built sync solution dedicated to keep your data safe and seamlessly in sync.

We can’t provide any estimates on the release of Momento for any specific platforms, but we are working very hard to deliver these products as quickly as possible. With that said, we pride ourselves over the care and attention we put in to our work and will not be rushing our development at the cost of quality or stability.

We’re seeking new talent to join our team and help us develop Momento further. If you’re interested in becoming part of an exciting UK based startup, please take a look at our jobs page for more information. Even if you don’t fulfil the requirements of a posted position but feel you have something extra to offer us, please drop us a line anyway, we’d love to talk!

In the meantime, we’ll keep you up to date with our progress and developments here, on Twitter and on our Facebook page.

Posted by Momento on 5 May 2011 in News