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Momento 2.6 — Fresh for iOS7

Momento 2.6 is now available to download (app store link). This update introduces a new fresh design and compatibility for iOS7.

A new look

The wood background and textured interface has served Momento well, but it was time for a change and iOS 7 presented the perfect opportunity. Today we’re introducing a simplified interface designed for iOS7 whilst retaining the personality of Momento so you’ll still feel at home recording and remembering your memories.

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Momento 2.5 — Introducing Moves

Momento 2.5 is now available to download (app store link). This update introduces Moves to Momento’s family of feeds, as well as new features including daily photo reminders, the ability to share moments and export moments by tag.

Introducing Moves

We’re really pleased to welcome Moves to Momento’s family of feeds. Moves has empowered people with the ability to automatically track their daily activity, such as walking, running and cycling, with their smartphones. Distance, duration, steps and calories burned are all tracked alongside the places you visit. Moves is a great way to see your everyday exercise, encourage you to move more and live a healthier life.

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Setting Momento Free

In the run up to our next major update we’re setting Momento free!

Momento was designed and built to help make the process of keeping a journal quicker and easier through the capturing of private ‘moments’ (short journal entries) and the automatic collection of your activities and memories from social networks and web services.

Over the years we’ve had some overwhelming feedback from people around the world who have have used Momento to capture, remember and improve their lives. Whether it’s a student recording their university life, a patient recording their health or a soldier recording their tour overseas — each and every story we have heard has demonstrated the diverse benefits of keeping a journal.

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Momento 2.4

Momento 2.4 is now available to download (app store link). This update comes with new features, including Reminders and Foursquare place tagging, some functionality enhancements and bug fixes.

A reminder to write

If you struggle to remember to write in Momento, then we have the solution with Reminders. For those of you who have fallen out of the habit of writing your journal, or just want to stay on track, this feature is for you. Reminders allow you to set notifications to prompt you to write your journal at a time and frequency of your choice. (more…)

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Summer Madness!

Summer is here and we have decided to celebrate the longer days, holidays and fun in the sun with a super hot giveaway…

For a limited time, Momento will be available to download for FREE. We’re slashing the price from $2.99 (£1.99 / 1,79€) to zero, nothing, zilch, nada!

If you haven’t already checked out Momento, now is definitely the time. Head on over to the App Store and download your free copy now. (more…)

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