Development Status


We want to keep our customers up to date on what we're working on, our roadmap and the status of our on-going developments. 

As a small independent team we can only focus on one thing at a time. We have a lot of tasks to work through, including bug-fixes and enhancements, and all are prioritised based on a variety of factors. It's very difficult for us to estimate development times due to technical obstacles and changes in priority so for this reason we don't disclose estimates or release dates.

All the information we can share publicly is detailed on this page.


Current Focus

Features, enhancements and releases we're currently focussing on.


Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Various bug-fixes and enhancements.

In Progress



Feature Roadmap

Features that we feel are important to share our progress or future plans.


Days End

The ability to change what time your day ends to ensure moments are displayed in your waking hours.


New Export Formats

The ability to export your Momento data in a variety of other popular formats.



The ability to import data from other apps and sources in a variety of popular formats.


Product Roadmap

Products and larger projects which are in development or we have planned.

Cloud Sync

Keep your data in sync between all of your devices and seamlessly backed-up in the cloud. View FAQ »

On Hold - See FAQ


Momento for iPad brings a bigger screen, full featured, mobile experience of your life story. View FAQ »

Awaiting Sync - See FAQ