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Momento has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to provide a superior journalling experience. Take a tour of Momento to see how easy and enjoyable keeping a journal can be.


Simple capture

Momento makes it easy to privately capture the moments that matter in just a few taps; write a note, add a photo or video, tag where you are and who you’re with. Quick, simple and easy.

Distraction free writing  •  Add multiple photos and videos  •  Intelligent moment grouping  •  Add people  •  Add places  •  Add tags



Effortless collection

Connect Momento with popular social networks and apps to automatically import your daily activities, photos, videos, updates, checkins and more!

Facebook posts  •  Instagram photos and videos  •  Twitter Tweets  •  Swarm check-ins  •  YouTube videos  •  Spotify saved music•  Flickr photos  •  Moves activity  •  Medium stories  •  Goodreads books•  Uber trips•  Web Feeds RSS/Atom



Relive and remember

Scroll through a timeline of your life, browsing by days, months and years. Beautiful summaries and smart reminders spark a recollection of memories.

Beautiful summaries  •  Browse by day, month and year  •  See what happened 'on this day' in previous years  •  Intelligent grouping



Explore your past

Take a trip down memory lane, exploring your life through the the places you’ve visited, the people you’ve met and all the events along the way.

Quick navigation•  Explore your life through people, places events and tags•  Powerful full text search by moment or day  •  Beautiful category summaries  •  Insights into your life



Share privately or socially

Some moments we prefer to keep private, others we like to share. Momento makes it quick and easy to share moments and summaries with friends and family, privately or socially.

Share text and photo moments  •  Share beautiful image grids of moment collections  •  Share summaries  •  Send to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  •  Send to Email, Message and other apps  •  Plain text export 



Safe and Secure

Momento offers a passcode lock with support for Touch ID to keep out prying eyes that may have access to your device.

In addition, Momento will periodically backup your data to iCloud so you don't have to worry about losing your memories if you lose your phone.

iCloud & Local Backup  •  Passcode Lock with TouchID