Journal Types and Uses

Personal Journal

Use Momento as a personal journal to track your daily activities and thoughts in one safe place.

Travel Journal

Record your travels, tracking all the places you visit, the people you meet and your daily experiences.

Work / Project Journal

Track project notes, milestones and meetings for a centralised timeline of your progress.

Food Journal

Keep track of the foods you eat throughout the day. Especially useful for health and dietary reasons.

Health Journal

Track symptoms and record medication alongside your daily activity and mood.

Pregnancy Journal

Record your journey through pregnancy, tracking each stage and beginning a journal for your child.

Note Book

Write notes with all the added functionality of Momento’s powerful tagging to track people and places.

Idea Log

Keep a log of your ideas, using tags to collect your notes together and review them over time.

Review Log

Keep a searchable log of films you watch, restaurants you visit, books you read and more.



With the help of some third party apps you can create templates to make capturing moments about specific subjects quicker and easier. This is great for logging things like film reviews, coffee tasting notes or mood.