Benefits of Keeping a Journal


Journals primarily provide a private place to record life, for personal use and for posterity.

As well as the benefits of being able remember and reflect upon memories from the past, regular writing can also have profound benefits for our mental health, memory and creativity.


Memory & Recollection


Recall past experiences in greater detail and with a greater degree of accuracy.


Reference aspects of your daily life, such as the places you've visited and recall ideas.


Look back on a situation or experience to gain insights and better understand it.


Relive and remember a special moment from your past, such as a wedding or birth.

Health & Well-Being


Private writing provides the opportunity to release any difficult thoughts or emotions.


Writing can help clear your mind of logical and creative problems to help you focus better.


Writing down thoughts helps you become more mindful of what you're thinking or feeling.


Recording things you are grateful for can help you appreciate the little thing you may often overlook.


Keeping a record of any symptoms you experience can be useful for reporting detailed notes to doctors.


Tracking your mood throughout the day helps identify and resolve triggers of a specific mood.

Productivity & Development


Collecting inspiration, thoughts and ideas in one central place can help ignite new ideas.


Writing out your ideas and goals can help provide clarity and focus to assist in more rapid development.