Momento 3.5

Just in time for the New Year we are introducing Momento 3.5. This update focusses on our Premium subscribers, with some new features, enhancements and changes to our tiers.

New Features

Exclusively for our Premium subscribers you will now have access to the following features:



Give your journal a new look for the New Year with our brand new themes; a range of bright, bold and neutral colours to personalise your journal. Our loyal fans who have been with us a while will also notice that the Momento Classic colour theme has even made a return!



The much requested formatting for moments is here! You can now give your moments some emphasis with simple formatting allowing you to embolden and italicise text using Markdown.

Enhancements & Fixes

We've made a long list of enhancements and fixes to Momento, both visual and under the hood; including additional optimisations for iOS 12 and better support for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

Changes to our Subscriptions and Tiers

In 2019 Momento will celebrate its 10th birthday; a milestone we only hoped we’d hit when we first set out to build the product in 2009. We’re incredibly proud to be still developing a product that so many people around the world love and use everyday.

A big driver for us to continue and grow Momento is the overwhelming feedback we receive from our customers and our on-going mission to help the world record, remember and improve their lives.

We aim to build a product that creates real and honest value for our customers without selling their data or their attention. To ensure Momento can continue its journey and grow, we’re making the following changes to the functionality and pricing of our tiers.

‣ Free Tier

Our free tier is the default tier for all users.

Starting a journal can be difficult and paying for an app you can’t try first is just another barrier to getting started. Our free tiers gives you the opportunity to take the app for spin first and realise the benefits of journaling.

Momento's core functionality is available for free with no strings attached — that means no ads and no data mining. We will continue to allow everyone to keep a simple daily journal.

Single Feed Connection

The only change we will be making is to restrict the number of feed connections to a single feed. Maintenance and management of our feed connections is expensive so it's imperative that we restrict additional feed connections to our Premium customers.

Any additional feeds you have connected will disconnect automatically and you’ll be able to reconnect your chosen free feed manually. All existing feed data will remain stored in Momento but will no longer update.

‣ Premium

As previously mentioned we’re introducing two new features for Premium customers; ‘Themes’ and ‘Formatting’. As before, all Premium subscribers will continue to receive access to new features for the period of their subscription.

Consolidating In-app Purchases

We’re removing all individual in-app purchases from Momento. These features will now only be available as part of the Momento Premium subscription. This simplifies our offering and makes it easier for our customers to benefit from every new feature without them being behind individual pay walls.

Users who previously purchased these features will continue to have access to these features without disruption.

New Pricing & Subscription Options

We’ve designed our new pricing model to better reflect the value Momento provides whilst remaining affordable and providing flexibility in payment periods.

For the cost of a coffee every month ($2.99), or the cost of a quality notebook every year ($16.49) you can unlock the full Momento experience, whilst contributing towards the ongoing development of the app.

All Premium subscriptions are now auto-renewing and can be managed from your iTunes Account or via the 'Manage Subscriptions' button in the Premium settings screen. As currencies vary from country to country, our exact pricing tiers for your region can be viewed in-app or on the App Store.

Free Trial

We now also offer a free 1 month trial of Momento Premium so you can experience all the features and discover the value in Momento before you decide to buy.

‣ Premium Gold

We’ve received a lot of feedback over the years from our users who deeply value Momento and would like to contribute more to assist with development of the product. The Premium Gold tier gives those who love Momento and can afford to contribute a little more the opportunity.

In exchange for the additional contribution we’ll be offering Priority Support, so you can get answers to your questions even quicker and directly from the Momento Team.

Our Premium Gold users will also have access to a few more little easter egg features (such as the Gold theme) as well as exclusive future opportunities.

How will these changes affect existing customers?

Existing Premium subscribers will be able to choose from the new subscription options when their Premium subscription expires. In the meantime everything will remain the same.

We want to ensure our existing customers transition with these new changes smoothly so we've offered full details in-app on how you will be able to choose your subscription options.

You can also find full details on how these changes may affect you in our FAQ article.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

For those of you with Momento, we hope you've captured an eventful year of memories that you can reflect and reminisce upon for years to come.

For those just discovering Momento, now is the perfect time to start keeping a journal as 2019 is just around the corner! Start capturing your day quickly and easily by letting Momento collect and treasure your digital memories effortlessly. Head on over to the App Store and download Momento for free.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday and best of luck for an exciting 2019!

Happy journaling!