Momento 3.3


Spring is here and you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve been doing a lot more than just spring cleaning! We’re excited to announce another major update — v3.3 is here and it’s jam packed with loads of new features and enhancements to make capturing and navigating moments even quicker and easier.


You can now export your data as a plain text file along with all your photos and videos. As well as exporting all your data, you can customise and filter exports, such as specifying the date range of your export or only exporting moments with specific people, places and tags.


The new calendar is a super fast way to quickly jump to any date and get a monthly overview of the days that contain moments and feed entries. It’s also particularly useful for seeing which days you missed capturing a moment. If you see a run of orange dots you know you’re staying on top of things!

Improved Photo Adding

We’ve made adding photos to Momento a little easier and provided you with more control of how photos get grouped. You now have the option to store photos at the time they were taken and group them intelligently (which has been the default behaviour in Momento 3) or simply attach the photo to the moment (like Momento Classic). This also means you can now attach photos to existing moments.

In addition we’ve added a new ‘This Day’ filter when adding photos which will just show photos which match the date of the current moment. This is great when adding photos to dates in the past — just navigate to a day using the Calendar, tap the ‘More’ button (•••) in the navigation bar in the top right and choose ‘Add Moment’, and then tap the ‘Add Photos’ button to see all the photos from you photo library from this day.

Quick Actions

For those of your with devices that support 3D Touch (iPhone 6s and 6s Plus), you can now launch straight into a ‘New Moment’, ‘Check-in’ or ‘Add Photos’ right from the home screen. Just press on the Momento icon to see the options.


Sometimes you might like to reflect upon a shared moment, elaborate on a check-in or capture something private alongside a tweet. Momento now lets you ‘Add Moments’ alongside feed items. Simply tap the ‘More' button (•••) alongside a feed item and choose ‘Add Moment’. The new moment will be created at the same time and automatically inherit any people, places and tags from the feed item so you can get straight into writing.

We’ve also made lots of other little tweaks and fixes which you can find out more about in the release notes here.

Stay in touch

As always, you can get in touch with us with questions, suggestions or feedback on Twitter, Facebook or directly.

Next up… feeds!