Momento 3.2

Momento 3.2 is now available to download, introducing Restore and Timeline Summary Preferences alongside some enhancements and bug-fixes.


You can now restore your data from backups created by Momento. This makes transferring data to a new device simple, especially if you would prefer not to restore from a device backup. Remember to keep regular backups of your Momento data, either locally or in iCloud, using the backups feature.

Summary Preferences

If you would prefer a more minimal Day, Month and Year Timeline, you can now choose to hide maps and photos. In addition you can also choose to always show notes in the Summaries, otherwise Momento will intelligently choose what text to display based on the the days’ activities.


You can now add pre-written notes to your reminders. This is perfect for creating templated entries which you can then complete when the reminder fires. For example, a reminder could be created to fire at the same time as your alarm goes off with a pre-filled note such as:

How well did you sleep?:
How long did you sleep for?:
Did you dream?:

You would then just need to complete your answers alongside the pre-filled questions. If you’re interested in other ideas for templated journal entries, check out our Templates page for inspiration.

Alongside this enhancement to reminders, we’ve also made little tweaks throughout Momento to improve the experience and add some minor functionality. You can find the full release note for 3.2 here.

Stay in touch

As always, you can get in touch with us with questions, suggestions or feedback on Twitter, Facebook or directly.

Happy journaling!