Momento 3.1

We have been hard at work over the past month actioning all the feedback we have received since the initial launch of Momento 3. Your feedback is an important part of helping us prioritise tasks we have planned and shaping the future functionality of Momento. 

Momento 3.1 is now available to download, introducing local photo storage and local backups as well as numerous enhancements and large number of bug-fixes.

Introducing Momento 3

We’re pleased to announce that Momento 3 is live on the App Store!

First launched in 2010, Momento introduced the concept of ‘automatic journalling’ to iOS. Over the years we have developed that concept and learned a great deal about how people have benefited from Momento - recording, remembering and improving their lives. This knowledge, together with user feedback and our vision for the future have informed the development of Momento 3.

We have re-designed and re-built Momento from the ground up to create a richer and smarter journaling experience. Each step of capturing, remembering and sharing your life story has been carefully re-crafted to make it easier and more immersive.