Goodbye Moves

Sadly Moves recently announced that its service will cease at midnight on 31st July 2018. Moves has been one our most popular feeds and has been a great way to capture and follow your digital footprints back in time to see all the places you have visited and a summary of your daily activity. We've been huge fans of Moves and are sad to see it go. However, your Moves activity is safe inside Momento. The feed will simply disconnect and be no longer available to add.

Please make sure you've connected the feed before 31st July 2018 and imported your activity in order to keep your data in Momento. We also recommend exporting your Moves data from the service for future use in other apps. We don't plan to have an import feature of exported data at this time, but this is something we may consider for the future.

Unfortunately we don't have a suitable replacement to the Moves feed at present. Existing services that provide similar functionality, such as Gyroscope and Arc App, don't have automated ways for us to connect and import the data at this time. In the meantime we recommend using Swarm to check-in to the meaningful places you visit. Swarm also has a nifty feature which will track the places you visit so you can check-in to them later.

We do hope to bring similar functionality back to Momento with a suitable feed in the future.

RIP Moves, you will be missed.

Momento is ready for iPhone X - Happy Holidays!

Momento for iPhone X is here!

We know there's a lot of lucky people out there who have snapped up an iPhone X already and a lot more wishing for one! We're pleased to announce that Momento is now ready to make the most of that big screen just in time for the holidays!

In addition, we've also made some changes under the hood to speed things up and optimise for iOS 11, along with some bug-fixes and minor impovements.

For those of you with Momento, we hope you've captured an eventful year of memories that you can reflect and reminsice upon for years to come.

For those just discovering Momento, now is the pefect time to start keeping a journal as 2018 is just around the corner! Start capturing your day quickly and easily by letting Momento collect and treasure your digital memories effortlessly. Head on over to the App Store and download Momento for free.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday and best of luck for an exciting 2018!

Happy journaling!